Conservation Success Stories

What draws people to places? What connects them to a landscape, a rock, a river? What do they bring to these places to change them, offering something of their own personalities? And what motivates them to want to preserve them by donating the places they love the most?

-Rema Boscov

We have long wanted to find a way to preserve the stories of some of the people who have conserved their land with FLT, and learn more about what inspired them to do so. Luckily for us, local writer and artist Rema Boscov volunteered to do just that.

Rema, whose eloquent words are quoted above, is an artist, writer, and teacher who has worked as an Artist-in-Residence for three of our national parks: Buffalo National River, Voyageurs National Park and North Cascades National Park.

A former journalist, she wrote for various newspapers and magazines, including The Washington Post and The Boston Globe. Now she’s traveling the hills and valleys of our area meeting folks, walking with them on their land, listening to their stories and writing about what she learns. We’re thrilled to have Rema tackle this important work, and very grateful to her for this generous gift.

Landowner Stories

Tony Borton 112 acres, Conway

Caryl Dyer 130 acres, Bernardston

Chris Jerome 100 acres, Ashfield

Dick and Susan Todd 139 acres, Ashfield

Nina and Ron Coler 78 acres, Ashfield

Wayne Meeks and Judith Colton 100 acres, Charlemont

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