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D2R2 Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways to get involved with D2R2 that don’t involve cycling! All volunteers will receive a free meal, a D2R2 pint glass and a free beer (age appropriate). Volunteers also receive a one-year land trust membership which includes free or discounted event and workshop tickets. Take a look at the list below and either contact us directly or sign up online. Thank you!

You may sign up to volunteer by contacting Linda or Mary via email or phone at (413) 625-9151.

Office Volunteers

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Two volunteers are needed in the office for the week of the event doing a variety of tasks such as organizing registration packets, printing/copying, taking last minute registration telephone calls etc…

Registration & Fencing Setup


Volunteers needed to set up the fencing, corrals, camping area and parking area.

Shopping & Organizing Checkpoint Volunteers

Thursday or Friday

Volunteers needed to shop for check point items, organize and transport them to the registration base.

Volunteers are needed to separate and otherwise organize all the purchased items (food, water, medical supplies etc..) into their appropriate area to be transported to the individual checkpoints.

Early Registration


Same as above but will also include camper check in. These volunteers will work 4-9 pm on Friday evening.

Camp Manager


This volunteer will help campers find their sites, lead late night arrivals safely around campsites (after dark), discourage campers from driving into camp after hours. Monitor for safety issues. This can be a difficult position and needs a strong volunteer(s). Optional overnight duties.

Checkpoint Volunteers


Two to four persons need to be at each of twelve manned checkpoints throughout the day, starting as early as 7 am, until all riders have passed through the final checkpoint. Each station will be open for a scheduled number of hours. Volunteers should greet all riders and check their overall condition, suggesting bail-out routes or ride back if needed. Volunteers will serve water and snacks and keep the general food area clean. Volunteers should check port-a-pots for tp & sanitizer needs.

When the station is closed, these volunteers will ensure that site is clean and free of debris. Volunteers will bring tables, trash cans, and all remaining supplies to the next checkpoint, unless a transportation truck has been arranged.

Registration Volunteers


Most riders are pre-registered and prepaid. Limited same-day registration will be available. Volunteers at the registration tables will distribute pre-assembled registration packets to those who have prepaid and will accept registration forms and provide the same items to those riders who register that morning.

Registration volunteers need to be on site at 4:30 AM, and all riders will have departed by 9 AM. These volunteers will help clean up the registration area.

Parking Attendants/Security


These volunteers will help riders park in designated lots and discourage riders from parking on the street or by the registration/food tent. This can be a difficult position and needs strong volunteers.

Food Service


Breakfast, lunch or dinner volunteers at either the registration tent in Deerfield or the lunch site in Guilford to help with food service and clean up. Our volunteers man the lunch site completely (no catering staff). There are catering volunteers provided at breakfast & dinner but it is a limited staff.

Beer Ticket Sales


Volunteers needed to check ID’s and sell beer tickets at a booth by the registration tent.

Raffle Ticket & Shirt Sales


Volunteers needed to sell raffle tickets, jerseys and t-shirts at a table by the registration tent.

“Sweeping the Route” Volunteers


Volunteers conduct a sweep of the different routes to check for any riders whose bikes may have broken down. For each sweep, volunteers will need a good vehicle, preferably a 4-wheel-drive that can accommodate a few bicycles if need be. The volunteers’ job will be to look for any stray riders in trouble who may need a ride back to the starting point or to answer questions for those still on the route.



Volunteers needed to clean the registration, camping and food areas in Deerfield. Pick up signs along the route. Transport leftover items to the Salvation Army in Greenfield. Transport tents and various other items to the FLT storage unit in Shelburne. Transport cans to be recycled.

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